These are the top 3 questions we get asked. Still need answers? Contact us below.

Can you provide the listing optimization services if we decide not to bring you on as an authorized third party seller?

Depends. Send us an email with some information about your product and we'll get back to you. We prefer to provide the services for free and make our money overtime as we carry the product ourselves.

Do you need to be the exclusive third party seller on a platform in order to do business with us?

No. If we can help you, we'll sell alongside all other authorized sellers. The difference between us and them, is that we'll provide you with consulting as part of our business relationship.

Can you provide the eMarketplace listing optimization service for multiple products from the same company?

Yes, but we usually like to start with 2-3 products and strengthen our business relationship before growing further. Also, due to individual eMarketplace demands, some of your products may not qualify for our program. We'll do all the research first and discuss the findings with you before making our final decision on that individual product.